My Life 
or never let the truth get in the way of a good story

My father was an opium smuggler and my mother was a Chinese Princess. They met in the village of Dim Sum in the province of Krokpot. My father lost his head for his royal dalliances, my mother was sold into slavery, and I was abandoned. Reared by a band of marauding martial arts monks I started life a bit slowly, but by the time I was eight I had translated the Iliad from the original Greek into Cantonese. I became a fully-fledged monk at the age of ten and my first mission was in OZ. While down under, I was drummed out of the monastic order for turning a secret recipe into a money-making venture. I started a small bakery, Arnotts, and named a biscuit after the mantra that is used to bring sensual pleasure. From there I moved to America where I hoboed with Woody Guthrie and let him use the songs I wrote …

Ah, but the truth is not that exciting. I am Grant, a father and husband. My likes are a balance between arts and sciences. I paint poorly, draw well, and can take good photographs. I have a rotten tenor voice but I can read music, carry a tune, and blend, so I have managed to sing in some pretty fine choirs. I am a kickass gourmet cook and my wife has not had to enter the kitchen since we were married. For twenty-two years I was a volunteer lecturer at an observatory and a planetarium. While not a teacher, I have won three educational awards for my work in the sciences. I love to read and do so as often as possible. I retired and moved to Nova Scotia.

Name :  Grant Dixon

Favorite Color:  Tartan: come on, give me a break, life is lived in Kodachrome; why have a favourite?

Favorite Book: Alice in Wonderland:  Not sure why but that is an easy choice.

Favorite Movie:  Anything by Akira Kurosawa and early Alfred Hitchcock. But then there are so many great movies; sadly there are so many more bad ones.

Favorite Food:  Peasant fare! Whether it is from Thailand or Texas, good earthy soups, stews or pasta. It’s the food that Mama made. Well someone’s Mama!

My Favourite Music :

 1. Robert Johnson, Janis Joplin,  Muddy Waters. Come on man, Blues is where it’s at.

2. Stan Getz, Dave  Brubeck, Charlie Byrd. If you don’t dig Jazz you ain’t living, you’re just sleep walking.

 3. Tallis, Bach, Britton. What can I say? I like long hair shit.