The Rules:

1. Thank the person who shared the award with you by linking back to them in your post.
2. Pass this award to at least 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know that you included them in your blog post.
3. List 7 things about yourself.


I was nominated by IsobelandCat and I am very thankful and appreciative of being included.  Thank you very much to you both, Isobel and the cat!


I have not had this blog up for more than three months so I am just finding my way around.  My selection is not all that scientific; these are just sites I stumbled upon or they stumbled upon me.  I selected them for no other reason than I liked them.  I also would have added IsobelandCat but it is already linked.


  1. My favourite book is Alice in Wonderland, and also through the Looking Glass as they are hard to separate. I like them because they are full of nerdy math and strange Lewis Carroll logic.
  2. I curse the fact that I was taught to colour within the lines.
  3. I spent my childhood in a leg brace and it was feared that I would never be able to walk.  Because of this every step I take is a special gift to me.
  4. I was christened with four names but, depending on friends, enemies, or business associates, I have aquired  five nicknames: Grunt/Grunty and all such variations, GW, Percy, Mr. Canoe Head, and The Professor.
  5. As I age, I am not afraid of dying but I am afraid of becoming dependent on doctors and succumbing to the fear of living that seems to come with old age .
  6. I am a good photographer but I would gladly give it up to be a bad painter.
  7. I’m not competitive because I fear failing more that I desire to win.